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2018 Annual General Meeting
August 29, 2018

The AMBM's annual general meeting will be held on October 4, 2018 in the Salle Antoine-Gaborieau Hall of the Centre culturel franco-manitobain (340 Provencher Boulevard).

The annual report (2017-2018) as well as the financial report will soon be available online. See below, the agenda for this year's AGM.

2018 AGM Agenda

Why Direction Manitoba
July 25, 2016

Watch this short video and learn all about AMBM and the work we do in Manitoba's bilingual municipalities.

Featured Municipality

Village of Notre dame de Lourdes

Village of Notre dame de Lourdes

Website :

A sun-kissed location in the Pembina Hills makes Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers all year round. Within a short distance there are six golf courses, a provincial park, swimming pools, mountain biking, groomed snowmobile and ATV trails. Outside of school and work, there are many chances to socialize. A church, community hall, sports arena complex, seniors club and several member-based organizations give residents opportunity to participate and get to know one another, making for a close-knit and safe community.
Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes is a very active service centre for the agricultural region of Pembina. Its thriving economic sector is buoyed by many businesses including grocery and convenience stores, hardware stores, hotels, restaurants, auto repair garages, financial institution, accounting and legal services, hairdressers and manufacturing just to name but a few.
Deeply inspired by European traditions, the people of this community established in 1891, preserve and promote their French and Swiss origins, giving Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes its decidedly European flavour - one that is still hinted at in their accents and experienced in the warm hospitality

Proud of their origin, the residents, the town and the parish of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes work effectively to preserve and promote their French culture.

The community proudly offers health services, municipal services and community services in both official languages. The communities hospital, clinic, health specialist and ambulance service have made the village an important health centre in the region. From water and sewage services to garbage pick-up and a 20-members volunteer fire brigade, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes assures its citizens receive quality municipal services in both official languages while preserving the village's affordable cost of living.

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Mohamed Doumbia, Conseiller en immigration d'affaires au CDEM

Originaire du Mali, je suis arrivé en janvier 1994 dans un froid glacial de -34 C. À mon atterrissage à l’aéroport, j’ai cru être sur une autre planète : la neige, les tenues vestimentaires tels que les manteaux d’hiver, les mitaines, les capuches, les chaussures d’hiver, etc. Mon intégration se fit graduellement au fil des années, un peu partout, par le biais des écoles, des amis, des milieux de travail, des équipes sportives, etc. À mon avis, pour s’intégrer à un milieu, il faut le vouloir et ça peut prendre du temps. Aujourd’hui, je suis fier de mon intégration car je sens que j'ai trouvé ma place dans cette société.



Founded in 1995, the AMBM is the spokesperson for those Manitoba municipalities which have adopted policies favoring the active offer of bilingual services to their population.  The AMBM municipalities regroup official language communities which are in a minority situation, where the use of French is recognized as an added value, both economically and culturally.

Ardently defending the interests of its members, at the provincial and national levels, the AMBM includes, in addition to the City of Winnipeg, the sixteen rural bilingual municipalities in Manitoba. These are mainly distributed within a radius of about 100 kilometers from the provincial capital, Winnipeg.

The mandate of the AMBM:

  • Regroup the bilingual municipalities of Manitoba
    • Assist municipalities with the adoption of policies favorable to bilingualism
    • Assist municipalities with the provision of municipal services in French
    • Develop resources and services which facilitate the provision of municipal services in French
    • Ensure the promotion and development of bilingual municipalities
    • Facilitate access to resources required to ensure the implementation of bilingual municipal services

The AMBM Vision Statement

Powerful bilingual municipalities, recognized for their dynamic leadership in economic development and innovation.  A strong local governance, benefiting from support and the necessary resources to build proud, sustainable and vibrant communities.

The AMBM Mission Statement

Catalyst for development, prosperity and the sustainability of bilingual communities in Manitoba.  The AMBM acts as a political and strategic leader to regroup, support and represent a strong and united municipal governance.

Our organizational guiding Values

The values are the principles that guide the organization in its functions.

At its strategic planning session of April 18th, 2015, the partners discussed the fundamental values that should guide the future decision making process of the AMBM. The participants were asked to vote on key issues. Here are the three organizational statements (not in order of priority):

  • Commitment and conviction
  • Bilingual identity
  • Leadership


The Board of Directors of the AMBM is composed of 17 members, one representative appointed by each member municipal entity, and a representative of the municipal administrators. The eligible representative may be an elected municipal official or a municipal administrator, at the member municipality’s discretion.

The present AMBM Board of Directors:

The bilingual municipality member of the AMBM

The designated representative on the AMBM Board of Directors 

The Local Urban District of  Lorette

(Rural Municipality of Taché)

Armand Poirier

The Local Urban District of Saint-Léon

(Rural Municipality of Lorne)

Gaëtan Talbot

Rural Municipality of De Salaberry

Marc Marion, president

Rural Municipality of Ellice and the Village of Saint Lazare

Angelo Fouillard

Rural Municipality of La Broquerie

Ivan Normandeau

Rural Municipality of Montcalm

Derek Sabourin

Rural Municipality of Ritchot

Ernest Dumaine

Rural Municipality of Saint-Laurent

Sheryl Smith

Riel Ward of the City of Winnipeg

(Saint Boniface, Saint Vital et Saint Norbert)

Mathieu Allard

Rural Municipality of Alexander

Gerald Dupont

Town of Powerview-Pine Falls

Bev Dubé

Village of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes

Conrad Durand, secretary

Village of Saint-Pierre-Jolys

Mona fallis

Village of Somerset

Denis Savard

Town of Sainte-Anne

Bernard Vermette / Richard Pelletier

Village of Saint-Claude


Representative of the municipal administrators 

Liliane Sorin, treasurer



All members of the Board of Directors are elected officials, with the exception of Liliane Sorin who was nominated by the municipal administrators as their representative.  

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